misc small-med projects list

Josh Sled jsled@asynchronous.org
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 15:33:21 -0700

I came up with the following list the other day while waiting for something.
It's basically a list of small-medium-size things that I'd like to see
change in the GnuCash code base; not ScheduledTransaction-related.

Of course, I'd like to do them all. :)  Perhaps someone who's looking
for some way to help can grab one or two...

. update www.linas.org/linux/gnucash/projects.html based on this
  list/current state of development
  . Move to gnucash.org
. better error output for XML load problems
  . display line/column for stack frames
  . display stack dump within program
  . explain _why_ it failed, as much as possible.
. in-GNC support for file versioning?
  . just calling 'rcs'/user-configurable program, maybe?
  . gzip/external_program support for XML files
    . libxml already supports this.
  . progress bar/status for file/backend load
    . backend should be able to create load-hierarchy, update
      ea. individually [generic hierarchical progress bar widget]
. generic template transactions ["register transactions"]
. QIF import
  . QIF import dir remembering
    . w/in session, between sessions
  . Better transaction matching
    . handle the wacky stuff generated by online-banking 
    . factor out to be used for "create-SX-from-transaction"'s
      initial-frequency guess.
. existing menu/ui/usability changes proposal
. command-line import option for external web browser [for QIF/OFX download
  from on-line banking websites]
  . make sure we can save it locally, too.
  . netscape/moz install setup instructions
. guppi graphing issues
  . font-size issues [jsled only?]
  . graph sizes to window extents.
  . cash-flow graph
    . guppi addition? [[ *** if so: may want to do this now so it
      gets out into the "market" before we want to use it *** ]]
  . multi-report layout stuff
    . layout widget [use some GTK widget?]
. report export
  . csv of data?
  . gnumeric XML
    . XSLT after the fact/from XHTML export?
  . xhtml
    . save graphs as SVG?
. bug with top-level tab-wanging
. emb_moz as help browser
  . or fix gtkhtml, which isn't appealing.
. XML-backed, SQL-supporting DB
  . stores as XML, supports SQL queries
  . Doesn't apache/w3c have something like this?


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