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Michael T. Garrison Stuber garrisonstuber@bellsouth.net
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 19:16:28 -0400

> . guppi graphing issues
>   . font-size issues [jsled only?]
>   . graph sizes to window extents.
>   . cash-flow graph
>     . guppi addition? [[ *** if so: may want to do this now so it
>       gets out into the "market" before we want to use it *** ]]

I've been working on writing code (stand alone test code) directly against 
the core Guppi API instead of libguppitank.  It's going pretty well, albeit 
slowly.  I'm curious what you mean by a cash flow graph.  Specifically, 
what would need to be added to guppi?

Right now I'm trying (and regrettably failing) to master date series 
linegraphs.  Once I have defeated them I will be working on integrating 
them into GNUCash for use in scheme reports. I'm no Guppi expert, but I'm 
working on it.  I might be interested in looking into the cash graph.  I'll 
at least investigate the sizing of graphs to window extents, it will give 
me a chance to spend more time getting use to how GNUCash integrates with