selecting scheduled transactions for instantiation

Aaron Peromsik
21 Apr 2002 10:15:28 -0400

Tim Wunder wrote...
tw> From the calendar, new transactions (both register and scheduled) could be 
tw> created by right-clicking the calendar day. I would usually wsitch to the 
tw> account view to create register transactions, but I'd make scheduled 
tw> transactions from the calendar.
tw> Additionally, the calendar page had the ability to show a bar graph at the 
tw> bottom of the page, displaying the account balance (of select accounts, I 
tw> usually would show savings and checking). The graph would take into account 
tw> scheduled and register tansactions. It was a great budgeting tool for me.
tw> I could make changes to scheduled transactions (like adding a new car payment, 
tw> or changing my weekly cash allowance or changing how much I pay against my 
tw> equity loan...) and see where my account balance would stand after several 
tw> months simply by clicking forward on the calendar.

Although Quicken doesn't appear to do it this way, similar
functionality could be achieved by implementing my request of about a
year ago, which was to auto-create "fake" register entries some
specified number of days in advance of the scheduled transaction
dates, and have an option on the right-click menu to make them "real."

In other words,

(a) when I start gnucash, instead of "since-last-run" showing the UI,
it could be configured to just make register entries for any SX which
is scheduled for some time in the next 60 (configurable) days.

(b) such transactions would have a special reconcile status (S?) and
would appear differently in the register, and would not appear in
functionality like reconcile.

(c) two different running totals could be chosen to be displayed in
the register, one which includes the "S" entries, and one which

(d) special choices would appear on the right-click menu for "S"
transactions, including one that would change the transaction from "S"
to normal, and maybe one for skipping the payment this month or

Last time I proposed this, Josh complained about having phony entries
on the books, but it doesn't really bother me if it's for a good cause
and they are handled properly... the ability to run reports including
hypothetical future transactions is attractive, for one. How do other
people feel about this?
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