selecting scheduled transactions for instantiation

Chris Lyttle
21 Apr 2002 12:31:47 -0700

On Sun, 2002-04-21 at 07:15, Aaron Peromsik wrote:
> Although Quicken doesn't appear to do it this way, similar
> functionality could be achieved by implementing my request of about a
> year ago, which was to auto-create "fake" register entries some
> specified number of days in advance of the scheduled transaction
> dates, and have an option on the right-click menu to make them "real."
This is a really bad idea from a UI perspective as it tends to blur the
distinction between the account register, which is meant to show
transactions up till you open it, and future transactions which should
be represented in their own register. I think the way josh is
approaching it is correct, ie keeping them separated.