scheduled transactions

Tim Wunder
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 23:15:30 -0400

On Sunday 21 April 2002 07:42 pm, Aaron Peromsik wrote:
> Tim Wunder wrote:
> tw> When I say "register transaction", I mean a transaction that has
> already been tw> posted to an account. A "scheduled transaction" is in the
> future.
> Not necessarily... it *should* be in the future but sometimes I
> procrastinate and don't get my bills paid quite as scheduled. The
> transaction for such a bill should remain scheduled until I tell
> gnucash that I actually paid it.

Yes. For a SX that requires you to do something (write a check, go to the ATM, 
whatever). But a direct deposit of one's pay, or automatic withdrawal for 
mortgages and/or car loans should not require action on my part. I just want 
to be notified of those.

So the Since Last Run Dialog could be something like:
The following transactions have been posted:
1 Weekly Pay
2 Mortgage Payment
3 Auto Loan

The following transactions are scheduled to be posted:
[ ] Credit Card
[ ] Utility Bill
[ ] Cash Withdrawal
[ ] All transactions
Select the transactions to post.

I check on the ones I want to post, or select All transactions to have them 
all get posted, then run thru the approprate dialogs for each individual 


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