scheduled transactions

Aaron Peromsik
22 Apr 2002 00:15:24 -0400

Derek Atkins wrote...
da> I think the major differences are whether the values are fixed or
da> variable.  Fixed-value transactions should probably be auto-posted
da> (maybe with a configuration option to turn it off?) and variable-value
da> transactions should require user-input.
da> Don't forget that variable-value transactions probably need to allow
da> the user to set the actual transaction date, too (to catch those
da> pesky procrastinators ;)


So what you're saying is, I need to know in advance that I plan to
procrastinate with respect to a specific bill, so I can make the date
a variable, and then I need to use a considerably more complicated
entry UI just so that I can put in the right date. Did I read you right?

My local phone bill is also exactly the same every month, but when I
get around to actually paying it depends on a variety of
factors. Still, entry should be as simple as "yes, do it" and then
maybe editing the date in the register.

(My paycheck is almost exactly the same every two weeks, and I agree
with Tim that it should auto-enter since I have direct deposit.)

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