Compiling in postgresql support

James A. Treacy
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 23:33:03 -0500

I maintain the Debian package of gnucash. It has been requested that sql
support be compiled in. It is not clear to me how extensive the changes
this makes are. Is it mostly just a new library? Is the executable very

Basically, I am trying to determine the best way to handle this. If,
as I suspect, the biggest change is the new library, then I may simply
distribute one package with sql support built in. The problem is that
I don't want the basic package to depend on postgresql (it would
suggest it and those wishing to use that feature would need to install

An alternative would be to have a second package that simply contains
the extra needed library for postgresql support, a gnucash binary
(which then replaces the original), and any other files needed for sql

So, is it feasible to do one of the above, or do I really need two
separate gnucash packages?

James (Jay) Treacy