Current HEAD will never build on Mac OS X

Peter O'Gorman
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 23:55:33 +0900

I can't build the current cvs 1.7 HEAD on Mac OS X :(

In some cases this seems to be because of over liberal use of 
-module in Makefiles, and in others gnucash appears to depend on 
being able to link against and load the same binary.

On Mac OS X, shared libraries are not the same as loadable 
modules. Modules are to be loaded at run time, shared libs are 
to link against when creating the binary and are automagically 
loaded by the OS.

I will have to go through the Makefiles and try to fix this, but 
help would be appreciated.

I am sure that Mac is not the only platform with this 
restriction. For once this is not an Apple bug IMHO.

Please use -module only for things which need to be loaded at 
runtime, anything that needs to be linked against doesn't need