Guppi non-ascii character problem persisting (was: bug report (fwd))

Christian Stimming
Fri, 08 Feb 2002 10:23:53 +0100

Fabien COELHO wrote:

> I do not have much developper time to give, but I think bug reports
> might also be useful. 

Right, that's a good contribution.

> 1) Accentuated characters do not show up on reports.
>    Unfortunately we have them in many French words.
>    Maybe it has to do with my installation, who knows?

Please be more specific here -- which reports do you mean? I guess you 
mean the *graphical* reports, e.g. all the piecharts and barcharts. If 
that is the case, then this is a known bug of our graphical library 
Guppi. See

If instead you mean the textual reports (e.g. the balance sheet), then 
this would be a new bug and we would need more information in order to 
reproduce it.