interface ideas for gnucash

Christian Stimming
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 20:49:18 +0100


On Thursday 21 February 2002 02:41, Ambrose Kofi Laing wrote:
> But some ideas for improvement; first I will say what the desired
> features are, then try to defend or promote them.
> 1) Default account sources.  
> All these features are designed to make it that much faster to enter a
> group of transactions

Thanks for your credits and the interesting proposals. It sounds like a good 
feature to have, and your rationale for that perfectly make sense.

Nevertheless I was wondering why nobody else thought of that before, and 
maybe my thought would help you for a workaround until somebody (including 
yourself)  might implement that feature. I found that I personally don't use 
the Transfer dialog at all. Instead I enter all transactions in the register 
of my Cash/Checking/Credit Card account. The transaction completion feature 
there saves me a whole lot of typing. Most of the times I just need to type 
one or two characters of the transaction description, and then the completion 
of the description *plus* the insertion of the recently used other account 
usually just finishes off my transaction perfectly. If you haven't used the 
transaction completion in the register before, you might want give it a try. 

Now this shouldn't discourage you from advocating your feature request, and 
as I said, it sounds like a good feature. I'm just reasoning that I don't see 
a need for this feature *for myself*. Assuming that some of the other 
developers share the same behaviour pattern, this explanation should just 
help understanding why nobody has implemented that feature so far, and why it 
might take some time to find somebody who will actually implement it.


Christian Stimming
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