Having problem to monetary-collector

Derek Atkins derek@ihtfp.com
26 Feb 2002 11:31:09 -0500

Christian Stimming <stimming@tuhh.de> writes:

> Note that about a week ago I added some code in an admittantly late
> attempt to go away from this procedure-style calls like (c 'add this
> that) and rather use an conventional code like
> (gnc:numeric-collector-add c this that). I think the latter one is
> much more readable. For one thing, you know which sort of collector
> you are talking about. This code is in both CVS branches right now,
> but it didn't make it into any stable release so far.

It looks like you haven't updates any of the reports to use the
new methods, either (or, at least as of last night, the register
report hadn't been updated).


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