Mis-definition of GNCMainWinAccountTree?

Robert A. Uhl ruhl@4dv.net
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 04:04:24 -0700

I've been browsing through the gnucash source tree in order to glean
ideas for my own programme (travtrack: <http://travtrack.sf.net/>),
and while reading mainwindow-account-tree.c I _believe_ I found an
error.  In mainwindow-account-tree.h GNCMainWinAccountTree is defined
as a subclass of GtkVBox, but in gnc_mainwin_account_tree_get_type()
the call to gtk_type_unique on line 180 uses gtk_hbox_get_type() as
the parent value.

This is with the 1.6.5 source, but it is also in the CVS currently

I'm not entirely certain why an HBox/VBox is used for that
functionality to begin with, but I'm sure I'll figure it out

Anyway, hope this helps.  I'm not a subscriber to gnucash-devel, so if
you want me to see your reply you'll have to explicitly include me.

Robert Uhl <ruhl@4dv.net>
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