Building gnucash-1.6.5

Steve Parker
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:55:48 +0000 (GMT)

Hi, I'm having trouble building gnucash-1.6.5, I've got through a bunch of
hurdles already... the problem seems to be with guile / gnc.gwp

steve:/spare/gnucash-1.6.5/src/guile$ pwd
steve:/spare/gnucash-1.6.5/src/guile$ make
FLAVOR=gnome guile -c \
          "(set! %load-path (cons
\"/usr/local/share/guile\" %load-path)) \
           (primitive-load \"./gnc.gwp\") \
           (gw:generate-module \"gnc\")"
ERROR: Unbound variable: gw:new-module
make: *** [gnc.c] Error 2

Google gives no results for "ERROR: Unbound variable: gw:new-module"
I've added the patch at
to no avail - exact same problem on make

I must admit I know nothing about guile, so wonder if you guys could help
me through this stage. I'm running Linux-2.4.17, Guile-1.4, slib2c6,


Steve Parker.