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Kevin Benton
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 14:42:59 -0700

Even better - if we take it a step farther, if that checkbox is checked,
then it also opens up a drop-down of some sort that would allow us to
specify a tax profile for each geographic region the user specifies.  I have
locations that I may need to pay tax in near me that vary widely.  One
location requires me to record 6 different sales taxes.  The state I came
from was much easier, just three.

For the purposes I need it for, one aggregate will probably do (minimally)
as long as I can have it fill in a default rate then adjust it.  The
additional complexity would be nice to have so that I can have my reports
ready for me at any point during the quarter.  That way, if I need to send
the information to a partner, it's already computed for me.

The bare-bones minimum reason for doing this is to make sure I don't
accidentally start spending my tax dollars a few days before the end of the
quarter, then end up needing to take out a loan to pay taxes.  It also
demonstrates to any partner how much we've made.  Yuck.

If I were able to make many of these into memorized transactions (for my
vending machines), then this would nearly become a non-issue.  I would just
code my vending machine items like...

Happy Horseshoes Gumball
	Product Cost	$0.02452
	City Tax		$0.01142

George's Garage Gumball	$0.25
	Product Cost	$0.02452
	City Tax		$0.01441

As you can see, the memorized transaction would be different for each, but
help me keep track of everything.  Having the quantity count available would
also be helpful as part of the memorized transaction.  Of course, this is
what happens when you try to merge an inventory system with a purchase
tracking system with an accounting system with a tax tracking system with a

Convoluted!  :)

Kevin Benton

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On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:00:38PM -0400, Derek Atkins was heard to remark:
> This is already there in current-cvs.  For every item in an invoice
> you can enter the amount of tax (by percent or by value) and the 'tax
> account' to which that tax should be applied.  Granted, this only

I think that what he wants in the GUI is a checkboxx that says
and in the engine, one or more splits get created automatically and
routed to the right accounts.

Often, there'c city, county and state sales taxes, and although the customer

isn't aware of this, the seller has to track them seprately.


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