Potential g-wrap bug?

Rob Browning rlb@defaultvalue.org
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:04:25 -0500

Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> writes:

> Any chance that, while you're at it fixing the GList bug you could
> also supply a g-wraped "gslist-of" as well?  I've got a lot of code
> that uses GSList and I'd rather not convert it all the GList when it
> really is a singly-linked list.  I also don't want to be passing
> GLists into functions expecting GSLists.

Sure.  I stuck it on the todo list.  It should be a trivial copy-paste
edit of gw-glib-spec.scm.  You could probably even create your own

  (use-modules (atkins-gw-add-ons))

for now if you wanted to have it ASAP.

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