Gnucash Business: Proposal: handling multiple tax accounts

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
14 Jun 2002 09:52:30 -0400

Bill Gribble <> writes:

> In OpenCheckout, we have a "catalog" which is basically the inventory
> item information table.  Each item in the catalog has a flag,
> "tax_included", which does this.  The item also has a "tax_group"
> indicator to show which tax(es) apply to it.

Ok, so the tax_group maps directly to what I'm calling a Tax Table.
This means that I need two flags and a combo:

> So I would guess that whatever the inventory abstraction is that you
> use, it needs to include information about the taxability of each item. 

As I'm not actually building an Inventory system at the moment, the
question remains where to store the tax_included flag...  My first
impression is to put the flag in the Tax Table, which would imply that
anything that uses that particular table would default to
tax-included, but if I do that I'm not sure how overrides would
necessarily work.  Another idea would be to just keep it separate and
allow a global, per-customer, and per-line-item override setting.
Obviously when Inventory is used, we could put a per-inventory-item
override as well.



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