Interactive reports?

Dave Peticolas
01 Mar 2002 16:14:36 -0800

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On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 16:04, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> [Please CC any replies as I am subscribed no-mail]
> Hi,
> I was playing with the price scatter plot today and was annoyed that you =
> to go to the option dialog to change the commodity it was plotting. It
> occured to me that it would be really nice if the report could output an
> HTML control of the same type as one of the options and when the user
> changed this control it would change the option and regerate the report.
> You'd probably want this to be an optional part of the report since it wo=
> not look so good for printing.
> In the scatterplot I'd also be tempted to put the start and end date ther=
> as well to make it easy to change them also.
> How hard would this be? I have no idea how this HTML widget works or if i=
> could even do what I describe. Any ideas?

I think it would be really cool to be able to do that.
One thing you can do now is put in a 'link' in a report
to open a dialog. For example, see the welcome-to-gnucash

I don't think we have tried using in-report html controls,
but I think it should be possible. The current report infrastructure
doesn't handle that, so you would have some hacking to do.


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