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Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
05 Mar 2002 16:51:50 -0800

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On Tue, 2002-03-05 at 16:45, Zach Garner wrote:
> Just a note:=20
> Doing this in scheme will require a somewhat hard to find SSAX library
> (it is available for guile, however). The library does not exist as
> official packages for FreeBSD or Debian, and probably does not exist in
> other unix and linux systems. SSAX is also not blessed by W3C (which may
> not matter to anyone)
> Using something like Xalan-C++ may not fit as well into Gnucash than a
> guile module, but there is much more support for C/C++ based XSLT
> engines.
> To do XSLT (i.e. the "conventional" way to translate XML data in one
> format to another format) GnuCash will need to use another external
> library. It may be possible to do it internally without needing XSLT,
> but it seems a bit difficult to me.
> Finally, SOMEONE FIX THE XML NAMESPACES! I have to write a stupid sed
> script to get XSLT to work. GnuCash uses XML namespaces but does not
> declare them.=20

Why don't you fix them? You're the one who needs them fixed.
This is an open-source, largely volunteer project. Shouting
in all caps for people to fix stuff for you is not the way
to get them done.


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