Export from GnuCash to Gnumeric

Zach Garner zach@neurosoft.org
05 Mar 2002 19:24:32 -0600

This is more of an administration issue. It requires two lines of code,
but requires a quite bit more responsibility within the project than I
have. For instance, would you urge a mere contributor to "fix" a problem
with the choice of license? (If so, I'll send you a diff) 

I've offered initial code to export to Gnumeric, so, yes I already know
that I have to implement what an Free Software project lacks if I want

The Namespace names URI's that should point within the
http://www.gnucash.org . Whoever chose to use namespaces in the first
place probably has the knowledge and understanding of the future of
GnuCash to know what these URIs should be. 

Zach Garner

> Why don't you fix them? You're the one who needs them fixed.
> This is an open-source, largely volunteer project. Shouting
> in all caps for people to fix stuff for you is not the way
> to get them done.
> dave