Export from GnuCash to Gnumeric

Zach Garner zach@neurosoft.org
05 Mar 2002 20:28:48 -0600

I, of course, have other things to do than track CVS current gnucash
code, just to use an accounting program and have data sent to my
spreadsheet program.

Since this isn't applicable to current, I'll just make note of the two
changes instead of generating a patch: In GnuCash 1.6.5:
line 812 of src/gnome/window-main.c 
    rc = fputs ("<gnc-v2>\n", file);
line 510 of src/engine/io-gncxml-v2.c
    fprintf(out, "<" GNC_V2_STRING ">\n");

both of those xml tags need to incorporate the Namespace xmlns

As an example, I use:
<gnc-v2 xmlns:act="http://www.gnucash.org/act"

As far as cvs current is concerned, things have changed greatly. XML
support in Gnucash looks a great deal more complicated (and flexible).
In addition, it looks like some support for Namespaces has been
implemented. So, I'm sorry, I cannot provide a patch, if one is needed.


I really wish more discussion would have went into whether or not the
contributed (attached to my first email) XSL translation from gnucash ->
gnumeric is something the gnucash project is interested in, rather than
argument over namespaces (I assume this is my fault, of course). I
suppose I will continue working on it privately, and avoid starting
another argument here.

Zach Garner

On Tue, 2002-03-05 at 19:51, Derek Atkins wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I don't remember seeing a patch to add these NS URIs.
> Could you please send it again?  I've been hacking on the XML backend
> so I can apply them, but I need to see them, first.  Could you please
> send them again?
> -derek