Small patch: from-date on account summary

Christian Stimming
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:34:42 +0100

Derek Atkins wrote:

> Yes, I did mean a user choice box.
>>Because on implementation level this kind of flag already exists (and
>>has been used by Lars): If from-date != #f, use it, otherwise don't
>>use it.
> I didn't notice that in the patch.  Perhaps I didn't read closely
> enough.  But I can't see how this test would work, because there is no
> way to 'unset' the date once you set it.  How does the user force
> 'from-date' to be #f to get this functionality?

This is precisely the missing point; the user can't choose #f as a 
from-date with the current multichoice-option. Either you would need to 
add the choice 'No starting date' to the multichoice box. Or you would 
need to add another boolean choice box 'Use starting date yes/no'. I'm 
just saying that this is not at all complicated, just somebody would 
need to do it. And if the option is there i.e. as soon as a starting 
data is optional, we can commit this patch to CVS.