OFX support, status

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
27 Mar 2002 23:05:09 -0500

Benoit Gr=E9goire <bock@step.polymtl.ca> writes:

> I am happy to announce that my project has been accepted, and that work i=
> coming along quickly.


[lots of good stuff deleted]

> When support for the library is added into GnuCash, I hope GnuCash can do=
> much better than blindly converting transactions.  It should eliminate=20
> duplicate, Auto-suggest matching transactions, etc.
> Comments and suggestions and questions are highly appreciated.

Even though you plan to make a separate library, I would still like to
see a coherent integration into Gnucash.  I agree that the integration
should be more than just a dumb system, and should perform as you
suggest.  Do you plan to integrate this yourself?  Is there anything
in particular that you think you need?

Keep in mind that recentlyy there has not been much change to the CVS

> Good night,

Thanks, I look forward to testing your OFX support.

> Benoit Gr=E9goire

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