Change requests: reconcile date jump and VAT support

Thomas Klausner
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:59:53 +0100


When I do a reconcile for my bank account, and then do another one,
the date for the 2nd reconcile is automatically forwarded a month
after the first.

There are probably people that get monthly statements for which this
is fine, but for others who get them weekly or as often as they care
to fetch them, it's pretty annoying: most of the time it's two
point-and-click actions instead of one (change month, change day
vs. change day).

Could this please be made configurable, so that I can turn it off if I
don't want it?

Another idea I had was to have a button/key that does the following:
When you enter a new line and press the button/key, 10% of the amount
are automatically split off into another account, if you press again,
20% (repeat ad libidum, and make the percentages configurable),
cycling through the options.
(handy for VAT...)


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