SQL Databases

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Sun, 01 Sep 2002 15:07:40 -0400

> Sorry if this has already been asked.  I read that GNUCash supports SQL 
> Multiusers via Postgres Database.  Being that it should be SQL will it 
> support other database packages?  I'm using SAPDB for another project 
> and would like to integrate with some accounting package.  This is the 
> first that comes to mind.  
> Otherwise are there any interfaces to apply transactions with?

The code in GnuCash is the code that has been contributed.

I believe that SAP-DB does have comparable functionality to PostgreSQL
in terms of offering stored procedures and views, so that it would be
feasible to use it in a fairly comparable way.

I'm quite sure that SAP-DB offers stored procedures, so that ought to be
little problem.  You'd have to make sure that SAP-DB has a comparable
implementaiton of the SQL "INHERITS" concept.

The challenge would be in ensuring that there are suitable "drivers" in
place to let GnuCash talk to SAP-DB.  The perpetual issue with Gnucash

  You want to add something cool and new.  Will the new technology you
  want to use be more trouble than it's worth?  It's already a problem
  to successfully compile GnuCash; if you make it _more_ daunting, that
  is not likely to be regarded as a good thing.
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