combining accounts

Neil Jerram
01 Sep 2002 20:37:48 +0100

>>>>> "Conrad" == Conrad Canterford <> writes:

    Conrad> On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 04:54, Neil Jerram wrote:
    >> What I don't understand, though, is how one is supposed to hook new
    >> code like this into the Gnucash GUI.  Does anyone know?
    >> Neil

    Conrad> I suggest the best place to ask that question is actually
    Conrad> the gnucash-devel list. From memory, I think the answer is
    Conrad> "You can't (easily) at the moment", but there are others
    Conrad> on the -devel list who can give a definitive answer.

Thanks; here goes on gnucash-devel ...

People on gnucash-user frequently ask questions like "how can I do
so-and-so to all transactions matching so-and-so".

It seems to me that it should be quite easy to use the Scheme
interface to the Engine and/or Query API to write Scheme code to do
this kind of thing; the difficulty is, how is it possible to hook new
code like this into the Gnucash GUI, so that one can select the
required operation from a menu.

Is this possible?  (Ideally, in 1.6.4, so I can start playing with
it without an upgrade!)


PS. Please CC replies to me, as I'm not subscribed (yet - will be very