Gnucash 1.8 freeze/release date?

Chris Lyttle
12 Sep 2002 13:26:28 -0700

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 06:56, Benoit Gr=E9goire wrote:
> Hi everyone,=20
> I was wondering if maybe it is time to set some kind of target date for a=
> eventual feature freeze and then release of GnuCash 1.8  It seems like mo=
> developers are now a lot more busy with real life than they were a few we=
> ago (new jobs or contracts), including me.
> Perhaps having some sort of target would help motivate each developper to=
> decide what they want to go in for 1.8 (considering available time), and =
> wrap things up.
> The subject comes up periodically on #gnucash, but nothing ever seems to =
> out of it...

Yes, it would be a nice idea to nail it down, how about this;

End of Sept - Feature Freeze
End of Oct - String Freeze, only Bugfixes
Mid-Nov - Release 1.8

We could start doing 1.7.x releases (say one every two weeks) when the
feature freeze starts in order to get feedback from testers. This would
also give documentors/translators a lot of time to do their thing. It
would also allow for some slippage and still get a release out before
the end of the year.
One thing I'd like to bring up tho, which is sorta related to this is
that I am at present 'owner' of several bugzilla categories for which I
have limited knowledge of how to fix or even tell if they are really a
bug. It'd be nicer for at least the release timeframe to have someone
who can tell looking at bugzilla to assess the bug reports.

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