Gnucash 1.8 freeze/release date?

Benoit Grégoire
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:27:24 -0400

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if maybe it is time to set some kind of target date for an 
eventual feature freeze and then release of GnuCash 1.8  It seems like most 
developers are now a lot more busy with real life than they were a few weeks 
ago (new jobs or contracts), including me.

Perhaps having some sort of target would help motivate each developper to 
decide what they want to go in for 1.8 (considering available time), and the 
wrap things up.

The subject comes up periodically on #gnucash, but nothing ever seems to come 
out of it...

Have a nice day, I'm off to work ;)

Benoit Grégoire