Postgresql/SQL back-end

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
13 Sep 2002 00:30:03 -0400

There is some documentation in the source tree, scattered
about.  Check out the doc subdir, and src/doc, and
a number of other *.txt and *.doc files throughout the


Matthew Vanecek <> writes:

> Is there any documentation available WRT the SQL interface and
> Postgresql back-end?  Perhaps a little more than is available in the
> docs?  I'd like to poke at it a little and see if it's something I could
> get polished up, but I hate to start from scratch if there is some docs
> hanging around (perhaps someone's notes or something...).
> Some sort of description/diagram of the database entities would be
> handy, too, if there is one available.  Last time I looked at the SQL
> stuff, it created many different tables, which was difficult to wade
> through without docs.  An ERD maybe?  (well I can dream, can't I!!). 
> Any design documents at all would be helpful.
> Also I am wondering if the system architecture diagrams/info is up to
> date.  The Web site still refers to the File I/O as being binary but
> soon-to-be deprecated, but the current version uses XML...
> Is there a description of the engine API, or the interface between
> GnuCash and the selected back-end?  I saw the gnc-engine-api.h, but
> something a little more explanatory would be nice, if it exists.
> I'd poke around a little more, but I keep getting a timeout while
> connecting to
> Thanks,
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