Rogues gallery suggestion

Conrad Canterford
19 Sep 2002 11:45:59 +1000

After some discussion on IRC, I suggested that we set up a "Rogues
Gallery" for the gnucash developers. Essentially, just a photograph so
we can all get some idea of what the rest of us look like.

Warlord has offered to host it, so I'd like it if present and past
developers (and other involved people) would send a photograph to him
for inclusion. His address is:
(Ideally, of course, if you have a URL where he can get the image from,
that would be better).

If anyone has contact with some of the early developers who may want to
be included but are no longer on this list, could they please pass this
message on to them.

This may be wider in scope than other people had in mind.... Hopefully
no-one will object to my own personal slant being put on this... :-). 

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