OFX Select Account dialog- Cancel button doesn't cancel import

John P. New gc@hazelden.ca
19 Sep 2002 09:30:02 -0400

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 23:21, Benoit Gr=E9goire wrote:

> > Proposed Response
> > -Another dialog pops up and asks 'Do you want to cancel the import?'
> > 'Yes/No'
> What I propose instead is to make it so when you cancel, it will ignore a=
> transaction until the next account is encountered.  If the ofx file conta=
> more than one account, the user will still have to press cancel multiple=
> times (but only once for each account).  This way he can skip a account=
> downloaded by error (very common) without aborting the whole process and=
> downloading a new OFX file.

I would propose two buttons:

1) A 'Cancel' button that will cancel the entire import process - cancel
should mean cancel, dammit! :-) This would then lead to a Yes/No
warning/cancellation dialog.

2) A 'Skip Account' button that would act in the way you have set out
above. If there is no Yes/No warning/cancellation dialog after this,
then there should be a 'Back' button that is activated after the first
account is 'skipped'.