howto import define-report in account-piecharts.scm

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
22 Sep 2002 13:14:43 -0400


Please be sure to CC gnucash-devel, both for the archives and also
so other people have the chance to chime in and help you....

Larry Evans <> writes:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
> >What happens if you run gnucash normally?  Does it work?
> >
> Do you mean by just typing the command, gnucash, at the
> bash prompt?  If so, then I still get the "guile>" prompt.


> Previously, a gui interface appeared.  I've modified just
> a few .scm files, and it was a while ago when the gui
> appeared; so, I can't figure what I've done to prevent the
> gui from appearing.  Any ideas?

Sounds like you've either set some environment variables to
put you into a SHELL, or you've destroyed some of your
scheme files.  I don't know which.

> >Note that very little work on 1.6 is happening at this point, and the
> >report infrastructure is completely different in the upcoming 1.8
> >release..  So if you're planning to do much report-hacking, you're
> >probably better off moving to the CVS platform and working from there.
> >
> >
> I wasn't, but I guess I'll have to.  The problem which prompted this
> hacking was reported earlier by me(on 09/01 subject: qif decimal radix
> parse error), but I got no response.  Thanks for the help.

Sorry, most of us developers are really busy.  I saw the email, but
haven;t had time to respond.  (You might also try filing a bug report
in Bugzilla)..  Unfortunately I don't have guidance to help you with
your QIF problem.


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