howto import define-report in account-piecharts.scm

Derek Atkins
22 Sep 2002 13:36:36 -0400

Larry Evans <> writes:

> OOPS.  That reminds me that I read somewhere about putting:
> in the .bash_profile.  I forgot about that.

yea, that would do it.. :)

> >  Sorry, most of us developers are really busy.  I saw the email, but
> >haven;t had time to respond.  (You might also try filing a bug report
> >
> I understand.  No problem.  Thanks for whatever you can give me.

It's probably some code that is:
        1) assuming there is a decimal 
        2) counting the number of "numerics" and then applying incorrect rules

I dont know the QIF importer.  Unfortunately the developer who wroteit
is insanely hosed (so hosed that he hasn't worked on Gnucash in over a


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