OFX Transaction Matching

Benoit Grégoire bock@step.polymtl.ca
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:58:21 -0400

On Sun 22 September 2002 21:21, John P. New wrote:
> 1. When transaction matching, the transactions get imported into the
> account being matched BEFORE they have been matched. This has two nasty
> side effects:
> 	a) The 'perfect match' the matcher presents is in fact the .ofx file
> transaction, not the transaction that is in the gnucash account, and
> 	b) If the transaction matcher operation is cancelled, the unmatched
> .ofx file transactions are left in the gnucash account, having not been
> matched and with no split information entered. Ugly :-(

It was a bug that transaction were matched before being commited, and it is 
now  fixed.  However, I could not reproduce b).

> 2. In the 'Potential splits matching the selected transaction:' window
> (right side window), the 'Description' column actually corresponds to
> the gnucash account transaction 'Notes' field, instead of the actual
> 'Description' field.
> 	a) The 'Description' column of the 'List of downloaded transactions'
> window (left side window) does not contain anything, even though the
> .ofx file contains descriptions

It was a bug, but I have also added columns for the split's memo field.  
Eventually that column will be able to be turned off in preferences.

> 3. When changing the selection in the 'Potential splits matching the
> selected transaction:' window (right side window), the 'Action' column
> of the 'List of downloaded transactions' changes from 'RECONCILE' to
> 'ADD', when really it should stay as 'RECONCILE'. Let the user change it
> to 'ADD', since he is the one doing the matching, not gnucash (gnucash
> should just present the best options).
> 	a) If you really think that 'RECONCILE' should change to 'ADD", then
> the 'The selected downloaded transaction should' choice should change
> from the 'reconcile the selected match' button to the 'be added as a new
> transaction' button.

The refresh bug for the button is fixed and button handling is much improved.  
However staying at RECONCILE still doesn't work because when you click change 
selection, for a brief moment there is no match selected, leaving ADD and 
IGNORE as the only two valid choices.  I'll eventually memorise and detect 
this.  In the meantime, it will switch to IGNORE, which gives the user a 
better chance to catch the wrong switch.

I just commited, here is the Changelog:
-Transactions just downloaded are now ignored from the matchlist.
-Reimplement transaction duplicate detection using unique-ID.  Transactions 
with a negative confidence are those that would normally be completely 
ignored (will be a user pref).
-Added a split's memo column to downloaded list and match list (will be 
possible to turn it off in user prefs)
-Fix segfault when togling buttons without a transaction selected.
-Fix button refresh bug.
-Grayout inapropriate selections for action list and change the look of the 
-The REPLACE action really works this time.

Oh, and BTW everybody else, I've put up a screenshot of the transaction 
matcher in it's current state, so that you can see what we are talking 
about... http://step.polymtl.ca/~bock/libofx/files/snapshot_trans_matcher.png

Benoit Grégoire
LibOFX http://step.polymtl.ca/~bock/libofx/