OFX Transaction Matching

John P. New gc@hazelden.ca
23 Sep 2002 23:39:07 -0400


I just wanted to say that I have tried out the new code (CVS:9-23-2002)
and many of the issues I reported have been fixed. The transaction
matcher is working quite well now with .ofx files that contain one

However, I am still experiencing issue 1.b, (below) with .ofx files that
contain more than one account. If you need me to send you the .ofx file
in question, let me know.

Keep up the good work.

John P. New
London, Ontario, Canada

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 15:58, Benoit Gr=E9goire wrote:
> On Sun 22 September 2002 21:21, John P. New wrote:
> > 1. When transaction matching, the transactions get imported into the
> > account being matched BEFORE they have been matched. This has two nasty
> > side effects:
> > ...<SNIP>...
> > 	b) If the transaction matcher operation is cancelled, the unmatched
> > .ofx file transactions are left in the gnucash account, having not been
> > matched and with no split information entered.