OFX Transaction Matching

Benoit Grégoire bock@step.polymtl.ca
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 01:23:44 -0400

On Mon 23 September 2002 23:39, John P. New wrote:
>However, the issue remains with .ofx files with more than one account;
>the 'Cancel' button has to be pressed once for each transaction and for
>each account in the .ofx file.

This is fixed, you only have to click cancel once for each account now.

> However, I am still experiencing issue 1.b, (below) with .ofx files that
> contain more than one account. If you need me to send you the .ofx file
> in question, let me know.
> > On Sun 22 September 2002 21:21, John P. New wrote:
> > > 1. When transaction matching, the transactions get imported into the
> > > account being matched BEFORE they have been matched. This has two nasty
> > > side effects:
> > > ...<SNIP>...
> > > 	b) If the transaction matcher operation is cancelled, the unmatched
> > > .ofx file transactions are left in the gnucash account, having not been
> > > matched and with no split information entered.

Tell me if it still happens now.  If so, send me your file and the exact 
sequence of action by private mail.