Changing mailing list subscription policy

Bruno Trevisan
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:26:41 -0300 (BRT)


> I've been thinking about changing the gnucash-user mailing-list
> posting policy from "subscribers-only" to "anyone".   Anyone
> care to express an opinion?

> Disadvantages:
> Everyone will get get mountains of spam, which, however, will be
> tagged as "SPAM", and thus should be easy to mail-filter.

Oh well, this is a hard one to couple, since no one likes spam and if
its marked, not filtered, is worst, cause most people don't trust the
filters and will check marked messages. For some it can even be a
hightlight factor.

> Alternate proposal:  create a 'gnucash-discuss' list with closed
> subscription, and 'gnucash-help' with open posting policy.

That would be a nice option, it can make for the advantages you
listed, I think gnucash-help is the best name.

I think the traffic on gnucash-users is quite good as well as the
subjects that are posted, if the traffic increases or the subjects
become too basic or repetive (quite common on open lists) people may stop
using it. Relevant messages posted on gnucash-help can be then forwarded
to the gnucash-users.

Best regards,

Bruno Trevisan

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