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Mike Talbot
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:59:37 +0100


I've also experienced this problem with my mortgage repayments. I think the 
solution is for GnuCash to provide a cashflow report (I can't believe it 
doesn't do this already; cashflow analysis is critical to running a business 
& probably more useful than any other report for the home user).

For a cashflow report I should be able to specify which account(s) are my cash 
accounts (e.g. my current account and my wife's current account). For a given 
period, the report should list the payments (i.e. money that has gone out of 
these accounts) and the receipts (i.e. money that has come into these 
accounts). Money transferred between these acounts would not show up.


Cashflow report for Assets:Current Acct, Assets:Wife's Current Acct
in September

  Income:Salary		1000

  Liabilities:Mortgage	 500
  Expenses:Food	 100
  Expenses:Bills		 100

Receipts Less Payments 300

At the moment I have to work this out 'manually' but it would be great if 
GnuCash could do it for me. Apart from that I think GnuCash is very good - I 
use it every day and I've even got my Mum using it!

Mike Talbot

On Tuesday 17 Sep 2002 7:29 pm, wrote:
> Hello,
>      I've been using GnuCash for a while and found it an awesome tool.  Now
> I've started my new life out of college and have to pay my college loans
> and my car loan.  I set up Three liability accounts.  Two for my college
> loans (Perkins and Stafford) and one for the car loan. When I make a
> payment I transfer money from my asset to my liability.  Unfortunately this
> doesn't show up on the expense report as it thinks I'm only moving money
> around.  Now I'd like to know how much paycheck I have left to spend after
> having to pay.  I would specifically like to know if I will have money to
> pay for these loans because these come at the end of the month. 
> Unfortunately the reports for Income/Expense won't show these. I tried to
> do this thing where I would transfer money to an expense account called Car
> Repayment, and then transfer from an equity account to the actual Loan
> payment.  But that threw the Profit chart out of whack. What do people
> suggest for this situation?  Otherwise I love GnuCash!
> Thanks,
> David Euresti
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