Um, Did you all see this?

Christian Stimming
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 12:46:24 +0200

Chris Lyttle wrote:

> Hi
> Was looking thru the Gnome Summary and spotted this little blurb,
> 4. Joe Barr looks at GnuCash
> Joe Barr has an article on Linuxworld about our favourite personal
> finance application. If you haven't already tried this fine application
> now is probably the time to do so. The GnuCash community is also activly
> looking for hackers to help port GnuCash to GNOME 2, so interested
> parties should use this opportunity to join one of our best development
> teams.
> I dont remember having discussed this, not that we wouldn't appreciate
> some more developers joining the team.

I don't remember having discussed this, too. However, I guess the gnome 
summary writer refers to a comment that was posted by me in response to 
the same article's reference on,

As usual, some user comment asked when a gnome2 port of gnucash will be 
ready. Since I read regularly, I decided to answer this 
question according to our plans (which are none w.r.t. gnome2 porting) 
and tried to include a call for more developers. Same thing

Probably that's what the gnome summary refers to. Does anybody object 
this "call for developers"-style answer? If yes, I will immediately 
cease making comments like this. :-)