OFX Module: Many Issues Resolved; One RFE; One bug

John P. New gc@hazelden.ca
27 Sep 2002 00:42:18 -0400


1) Many Issues Resolved

I compiled the new CVS tree today (9-26-2002) and I must say: FANTASTIC
work! All the issues I raised (and even some that I hadn't mentioned
yet) seem to have been fixed. The OFX module is maturing rapidly, well

2) RFE:

It would be nice if gnucash could remember the directory where the last
.ofx file was opened. This way, if there is a common download directory,
whatever that might be, the import .ofx dialog would always open to that
directory. Remembering this directory across gnucash sessions would be

3) Bug:

   Actions taken:
a) Open gnucash, with or without a file.
b) Choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from menu; use the file/directory
dialog to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
(previously unmatched in) gnucash.
c) Press 'Cancel' in the 'Select Account' dialog.
d) *Without doing anything else*, choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from
menu to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
(previously unmatched in) gnucash. This can be the same .ofx/.qfx file
as in b) or a different one. Use the file/directory dialog to import
second .ofx file.

   Expected Outcome
Gnucash opens the 'Select Account' dialog to import the .ofx file.

   Actual Outcome
Gnucash hangs: no screen update, unable to close gnucash.

If in step 3.d) above, if any action is taken before importing the
second .ofx/.qfx file, such as opening and closing an account window or
the preferences dialog (to name two), gnucash will NOT hang, but open
the 'Select Account' dialog as expected.

Keep up the good work,

John P. New
London, Ontario, Canada