OFX Module: Many Issues Resolved; One RFE; One bug

Benoit Grégoire bock@step.polymtl.ca
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 14:38:43 -0400

On Fri 27 September 2002 00:42, John P. New wrote:
> Benoit,
> 1) Many Issues Resolved
> I compiled the new CVS tree today (9-26-2002) and I must say: FANTASTIC
> work! All the issues I raised (and even some that I hadn't mentioned
> yet) seem to have been fixed. The OFX module is maturing rapidly, well
> done.
> 2) RFE:
> It would be nice if gnucash could remember the directory where the last
> .ofx file was opened. This way, if there is a common download directory,
> whatever that might be, the import .ofx dialog would always open to that
> directory. Remembering this directory across gnucash sessions would be
> important.

I suggest you file a RFE in bugzilla, that dialog is from another part of 
GnuCash (src/app-file/gnc-file-dialog.h), and I probably won't have time to 
get to it before 1.8 is released.

> 3) Bug:
>    Actions taken:
> a) Open gnucash, with or without a file.
> b) Choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from menu; use the file/directory
> dialog to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
> (previously unmatched in) gnucash.
> c) Press 'Cancel' in the 'Select Account' dialog.
> d) *Without doing anything else*, choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from
> menu to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
> (previously unmatched in) gnucash. This can be the same .ofx/.qfx file
> as in b) or a different one. Use the file/directory dialog to import
> second .ofx file.
>    Expected Outcome
> Gnucash opens the 'Select Account' dialog to import the .ofx file.
>    Actual Outcome
> Gnucash hangs: no screen update, unable to close gnucash.

I was not able to reproduce this Bug.  Could you send me your file?  (However, 
I somehow doubt it is file related).  Could you also send me the terminal 
output (By starting gnucash from a terminal, you should see the debug output 
from the import modules)