OFX Module: Many Issues Resolved; One RFE; One bug

John P. New gc@hazelden.ca
27 Sep 2002 19:29:16 -0400


I played around with this a bit more and I found something interesting.
If I wait 5-10 seconds after pressing 'Cancel' in step 3.c) below, and
then proceed to step 3.d), gnucash does NOT hang. However, if after I
press 'Cancel', I immediately (not blazingly fast, but without delay)
open the OFX import dialog, gnucash WILL hang. I think that if gnucash
is dealing with cancelling the first OFX import when the second one
commences, it hangs. I don't have the fastest machine, but it isn't that
slow either (800 MHz Athlon).

Try it and let me know what happens. If you still can't reproduce the
bug, I'll send the .ofx file and the output.


On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 14:38, Benoit Gr=E9goire wrote:=20
> > 3) Bug:
> >
> >    Actions taken:
> > a) Open gnucash, with or without a file.
> > b) Choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from menu; use the file/directory
> > dialog to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
> > (previously unmatched in) gnucash.
> > c) Press 'Cancel' in the 'Select Account' dialog.
> > d) *Without doing anything else*, choose File/Import/Import OFX/QFX from
> > menu to import an .ofx (or .qfx) file that has an account unknown to
> > (previously unmatched in) gnucash. This can be the same .ofx/.qfx file
> > as in b) or a different one. Use the file/directory dialog to import
> > second .ofx file.
> >
> >    Expected Outcome
> > Gnucash opens the 'Select Account' dialog to import the .ofx file.
> >
> >    Actual Outcome
> > Gnucash hangs: no screen update, unable to close gnucash.
> I was not able to reproduce this Bug.  Could you send me your file?  (How=
> I somehow doubt it is file related).  Could you also send me the terminal=
> output (By starting gnucash from a terminal, you should see the debug out=
> from the import modules)