Something is still broken with the build process

Laurent Duperval lduperval at
Thu Apr 3 22:17:29 CST 2003


Today I did something I haven't don in a while: I uninstalled gnucash,
did a make distclean; cvs up -dPA; ./; make ; make install

When I tried to rn the binary, I still had some missing libraries. I
have to use the attached script to install everything. If someone else
has seen this, please let me know how to fix it.

BTW, I recently updated from Mandrake 9.0 to 9.1. I thought if my dev
tools were broken this upgrade would fix it. Seeems not. :-)


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foreach file [exec find . -name \*so\*T] {
	regexp {([^T]*)} $file -> name
	if {[catch {file rename $file $name} msg]} {
		puts $msg

foreach file [exec find . -name \*U] {
	regexp {([^U]*)} $file -> name
	if {[catch {file rename $file $name} msg]} {
		puts $msg

set data [exec cat output.txt]
foreach line [split $data \n] {
	if {[regexp {make\[.*]: Entering directory `(.*)'} $line -> curDir]} {
		puts "Current directory is $curDir"
	} elseif {[regexp {/bin/sh .*libtool  --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c (.*) (.*)} $line -> file toDir]} {
		set sofile [file root $file].so
		puts "Installing $file to $toDir"
		file copy -force $curDir/$file $toDir
		puts "Copying $curDir/.libs/$sofile.0.0.0 to [file dirname $toDir]"
		file copy -force $curDir/.libs/$sofile.0.0.0 [file dirname $toDir]
		cd [file dirname $toDir]
		exec ln -sf $sofile.0.0.0 $sofile.0
		exec ln -sf $sofile.0.0.0 $sofile

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