Importing and exporting

Vos, Berry Berry.Vos at
Wed Apr 2 09:59:19 CST 2003

Hi all!

To administer my home-finances I use a self build application using a mySql database. I've looked at GnuCash before, but it didn't seem to address all my needs. Recently I again checked GnuCash out, and I must say that it looks very promissing. Because I am short on time nowadays I am thinking about leaving my self-build financial system (which still needs development) and start using GnuCash. My concern is that I have all my financial transactions and accounts in my own system (only cashflow, no assets etc.), and I wish to import it into GnuCash.

My question is: how does GnuCash store it's data? I want to build a little import/export script so I don't have to type in all my data over the last couple of years. I'd appreciate if someone could give me hints on this.

btw. I saw that there is no Dutch version of GnuCash. My experience is that financial jargon in a foreign laguage is often very difficult. I'd like to start implementing a Dutch translation for GnuCash. Anyone interested?

Berry Vos

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