Dutch translation (was: Importing and exporting)

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Fri Apr 4 09:58:41 CST 2003

Vos, Berry schrieb:
> btw. I saw that there is no Dutch version of GnuCash. My experience is that financial jargon 
> in a foreign laguage is often very difficult. I'd like to start implementing a Dutch 
> translation for GnuCash. 

GnuCash comes with a Dutch translation which has last been updated on 
January 29, 2003, so it should be in 1.8.2 but it's not yet in 1.8.1. I 
think this was rather complete, but I might be wrong.

In any case, we always appreciate further translation contributions. If 
you want to improve the Dutch version/translation, you would simply get 
the file po/nl.po and continue working with that. As an auxiliary file, 
the "glossary of financial terms" in po/glossary/nl.po (translation from 
February 2002) has proven helpful for translation work.

To contribute results of your translation work, simply send the gzipped 
updated nl.po file to the mailing list gnucash-patches.



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