Importing and exporting

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 4 10:16:41 CST 2003

"Vos, Berry" <Berry.Vos at> writes:

> My question is: how does GnuCash store it's data? I want to build a
> little import/export script so I don't have to type in all my data
> over the last couple of years. I'd appreciate if someone could give
> me hints on this.

GnuCash stores it's data in XML.  There is a Postgres Backend but it's
not feature-complete in 1.8 and therefore most binary packagers do not
pre-build it for you.  GnuCash can also import QIF and OFX format

Your best bet is to write a script to convert to either QIF or OFX
and then use the GnuCash importer.

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