Gnucash 1.8.2 first impressions

Boris Goldowsky boris at
Wed Apr 9 09:27:10 CDT 2003

Answering my question:

>> Is there any particular reason that the price at which you've entered
>> a "buy" or "sell" for a security shouldn't be entered into the price
>> db?

  Derek Atkins wrote:

> ... The arguments that I've heard are that the
> pricedb is meant to store prices obtained off the net, not buy/sell
> prices.  Indeed, the buy/sell price is directly computable from the
> transaction, so why store it elsewhere?

To be clear: as a mere user, and even as an aspiring report builder, I 
don't care at all where that price is stored: but I'd like to have that 
price used in generating reports.  If it happens to be the most recent, 
or closest in time, then ISTM the standard function for finding prices 
should find it.

An example that's come up recently on the lists is securities for which 
no price has been entered - these show up as having zero value in 
Gnucash reports.  But presumably they were bought for some amount of 
money: why not use that price in the absense of any other?

Should I write this up as an RFE?


Boris Goldowsky
boris at

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