Gnucash 1.8.2 first impressions

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Sat Apr 12 18:36:11 CDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 09:05:59AM -0300, Derek Broughton was heard to remark:
> From: "Herbert Thoma" <tma at>
> > It may well be that you don't get prices from the net and then you
> > would be happy with at least the prices from the transactions.
> > (Remember: The reports only use prices from the pricedb.)
> This was the behavior I used to see in Quicken, and I can't imagine any other
> reason why it works that way.  imo, actual sale prices are much more 'true' than
> some quote received from the net, and should always be added to the pricedb. Any

iThey should be added, but several caveats: 
1) they need to be linked/tracked appropriately:
   If user makes a typo in the register, then corrects it, the price in the 
   price db needs to be corrected as well: even if the correction is days 
   or weeks later.
2) Have to be careful with math in the register:  due to round off errors,
   if we define price = value/amt, then one will find that value != price * amt.
   It was Quickens inability to correctly do this bit of math that got me started
   on Gnucash, oh, what six & a half years ago ... 

If 1) and especially 2) aren't implemented correctly, it will drive users up a 
wall.  This may be why register-prices don't go into the pricdedb; rob
decided to punt when he coded this.


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