pgendStoreAuditSplit library linked?

Richard Schilling rschilling at
Mon Apr 14 16:30:39 CDT 2003


This is my first post to the list, and I have an odd error I'm
not able to fish out immediately, and I don't see it mentioned
in the archives.

I built gnucash with --enable-sql set in the configure script
(to get PostgreSQL support).

When I try to save my file to
postgres:// gnucash spits out the
following error:

Warning: gnc_book_begin:  can't load library:
/usr/local/pgsql/lib/ Undefined symbol

Warning: gnc_book_begin: Maybe you don't have postgres
installed?  The postgres backend can't be used until this
config problem is fixed.

The file /usr/local/pgsql/lib/ exists. 
Anyone  know what might have happened?

What I can't find that I was expecting was the source code for
the function pgendStoreAuditSplit in any of the source files.


Richard Schilling, MBA
National Informatics Company
R&D of Information Technology

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