IIF, QIF, QuickBooks Import

Craig Lanning CraigL at Knology.net
Thu Apr 17 01:10:05 CDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 23:45, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Craig Lanning <CraigL at Knology.net> writes:
> > Well, I've upgraded my system to RH9, installed all the necessary
> > libraries, checked gnucash out via CVS, successfully compiled and run
> > it.  I'm interested in looking at the code related to IIF (and I guess
> > QIF).  I also want to see what can be done to import data from
> > QuickBooks (I have version 6).
> As you know, right now there is no way to import from Quickbooks...

Partly, because there's not an official way to export from QuickBooks. 
It looks like the best we can do is to "print" to a tab delimited file
and use that to import.  (IIF is basically a tab delimited file anyway
so this and IIF should be able to share a lot of code.)

> > Should I do all my work relative to the 1.8 branch or HEAD?
> I would definitely recommend using the HEAD.  All new features are
> applied to the HEAD first and then later applied to 1.8.

Sounds reasonable.  I'll work there.

> > Is anybody currently working with the QIF import code?  If not, is
> > anybody familiar enough with it to answer questions?
> Nobody is actively working on it.  I've been reluctantly maintaining
> it.  I'd very much like to see the existing QIF importer go away and
> see a UI created to tie into the new qif-io-core code....  (hint hint).

Yeah, you dropped that hint the first time I mentioned this a couple of
months ago.  I'll look at the current one to see how it hooks into the
rest of Gnucash, then I'll look at the qif-io code to see how it works
and how to hook it in instead.  Should keep me busy for a while.


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