transaction.scm and string-freeze

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 22 10:50:46 CDT 2003

It's ok.  I did try to make sure that it was string-stable.  However,
it's also possible I missed a string in the patch.


Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:

> Sorry, I apologize -- I didn't mean to offend anybody. This was rather
> meant to be an information and maybe I should've added the word
> "probably".
> The strings in transaction.scm concerning the account code (e.g. "Show
> Account Code?") somehow didn't make it into the translation databases
> until last week. I didn't see them earlier so I thought they were
> introduced by the lastest transaction.scm patch. Obviously they had
> been introduced earlier, and it was my fault to not have the databases
> being updated correctly.
> Christian
> Derek Atkins schrieb:
> > Christian, with regards to your message:
> > 	* po/de.po: Update German translation (latest transaction.scm
> > 	patch broke string freeze).
> > I'm sorry, but no, it did not break string freeze.  "Split" was
> > already an existing translated string.  Indeed, it already existed in
> > src/engine/Transaction.c, in xaccSplitGetCorrAccountCode().  I made
> > sure of that before applying the patch.
> > Yes, it did add one more location where "Split" was being used in
> > translated mode, but it did _NOT_ add any new strings to the
> > translation database.
> > -derek

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